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"A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."
Proverbs 11:25

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Updated 4/22/14

Our Mission
To spread the love and message of Jesus Christ in the nursing home environment, providing support and encouragement by regular visits by caring Christians.
To support other interested groups and churches in North Carolina with training, multimedia ministry materials, and assistance in recruiting volunteers.
To provide encouragement and support to those Individuals,Organized Ministries, Chaplains, Activities Directors, and Staff Members serving Christ in the Nursing Home Environment.

"We pray that something on these pages will be of benefit to you."

Upcoming Events

As we enter the Lenten Season and approach Palm Sunday and then Easter Sunday, we would like to encourage you to use this special time to focus the attention of the residents on the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Our Easter Season Web Page has information and resources for both Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. The residents will certainly appreciate a service with elements of the rich Christian Tradition in which they were raised. Consider bringing in a large wooden cross and giving out fresh palm items on Palm Sunday. Also, you might want to invite the residents to participate in an Ash Wednesday ceremony. We did this last year at a scheduled Bible study and it was well received.

This is an appropriate time to consider using a Christian Hymn as the basis of a short Easter Sermon. Check out our Special Web Page to help you in this regard. You may want to consider using the hymn sermonette "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross".

The National Day of Prayer will be celebrated this year on May 1, 2014. All around this land, people of God will be praying for our country at noon time. We are suggesting that those involved with nursing home ministry make arrangements to participate in The National Day of Prayer at the facility where they make they regular visits but at the time indicated. It will be a blessing to the residents, staff, and visitors. Please visit our special web page for this event.You can make copies of this prayer to hand out in Microsoft Word Format by clicking here.

National Nursing Home Week will be celebrated this year on May 11-17, 2014. This is a great time to start planning some activities during this period. Please visit our Special Web Page that has a link to the official web site for this holiday. You will find many suggestions and links to help celebrate this special time both with the residents and in your community.

Mother's Day will be celebrated this year on May 11. This is a great time to celebrate the many mothers that we visit. Please visit our ' Special Mother's Day Web Page. Be sure to read and handout the Mother's Day Devotional.

Sharing The Care Copying With Caring SPECIAL NOTE: We have obtained a large quantity of the award winning books for caregivers by Lyn and Bill Roche. Please contact us for a copy of either "Coping with Caring - When Someone You Love has Alzheimer's or a Related Condition" or "Sharing The Care When Someone you Love Resides in an Adult Care Facility". These books would be very helpful to you and others you meet in your ministry. We will send you a copy for a donation of any amount while our supply lasts. Here is some info about the books.

In an attempt to make resources easier to find on our site, please use the search engine below to locate a specific item. Enter the search information in the box and click on "Find" to search our site. Then click on the page desired or click on the "Back" button on your browser to return to our site.
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Copying With Caring Seniors Devotional Bible Nursing Home Ministry - Hidden Treasure Song for Grandmother Video

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For our April 2014 drawing we will be offering one , "Coping With Caring by Lyn and Bill Roche "Song for Grandmother"DVD/Book set, the book by Chaplain Bill Goodrich and Tom McCormick called "Nursing Home Ministry - Where Hidden Treasures Are Found", and the Seniors Devotional Bible.

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Prior Winners of Monthly Drawings:
  • Matt Wilson, Wilson Family Ministry to Friends in Nursing Homes, Sandusky, OH - January / February 2014
  • K. Hotmire, Nursing Home Bible Study, Midwest - November / December 2013
  • Rev. Lloyd Haskett, Sr., Brotherly Love Ministries, Vienna, GA - October 2013
  • La Vonne Greguska, Bible Study at Springbrook Assisted Living, Stoddard, WI - August / September 2013
  • Cindy Cox, Nursing Home Ministry, Immanuel Baptist Church, Blackwell, OK - June / July 2013
  • Glenda Dougharty, Nursing Home Ministry, Pearland, TX - May 2013
  • Nikki Rushing, New Nursing Home Ministry, Yucca Valley, CA - March/April 2013
  • Marie Clark, Convalescent Ministry Team, San Diego, CA - February 2013
  • Katherine Van Liew, Seniors Ministry, Birmingham, AL - January 2013
  • Sharon Schaefer, Women's Group,New Burlington Church of Christ, Cincinnati, OH - December 2012
  • Joe Long, Matt 25:31-46 Ministries, Fireside Church, Gainesville, VA - October / November 2012
  • Tricia Fee, Life Enrichment Director, Wheat State Manor , Whitewater, KS - September 2012
  • Kathleen Shuck, Chaplain, Lutheran Memorial Home, Sandusky, OH - July / August 2012
  • Kitty Weber, Parish Nurse, St. Pauls Lutheran, Aurora, IL - May / June 2012
  • Tommi Nicole Lawing, Nursing Home Ministry, Charlotte, NC - April 2012
  • Sue Zapata, Foley Assembly of God Nursing Home Ministry, Foley, AL - March 2012
  • Janice Carson, "Caring Hearts Ministry", Mabank, TX - February 2012
  • Nancy Johnson, "Candles in the Darkness" Ministry, Parker, CO - January 2012

Here the "prior winners" from previous drawings.

Check out these new resoiurces:
  1. Devotional Jokes and Stories from Robby's Hobbies Website. Very Helpful and Extensive Resource.
  2. Twelve Promises of God
  3. Ten Lessons from the Bible & Life
  4. Friendship in the Bible
  5. The Prayer of St. Richard of Chichester
  6. "What the Bible Says About Aging"
  7. "Foot Prints in the Sand"
  8. "The Incomparable Christ
We have just updated our Hymn Based Sermonette Page. Try it for help with your next presentation.

We have been given permission by Rev. Diana McMahan of Musical Medicine to make available for FREE on our web site her top selling CD "Heavenly Assurance". On this CD Diana sings reassuring hymns with a gentle harp background. She also includes scripture with embedded prayers. You may download this CD for FREE at our Download Web Page. We pray that it may be a blessing to both you and the residents you serve. You can purchase other products from Musical Medicine at the CD Baby Website.
Helpful ministry training from Christian Clowns!
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  9. Visit the web site of the Christian Fellowship of Care Center Ministries, in which we are a participant. Contact any members that are in your region for help and support.

We have just updated our web page for the Zondervan Seniors' Devotional Bible including current sources of supply and some Sample Devotionals. We have found this Bible useful for a Bible Study, One-on-One Ministry, and for sources for a short devotional or sermonette.

Check out these Training Resources!

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