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Tips for an Easter Devotional / Presentation

Note: Graphic taken from Annie's Easter Welcome Page.

As we enter the Lenten Season and approach Palm Sunday and then Easter Sunday, we would like to encourage you to use this special time to focus the attention of the residents on the Cross of Jesus Christ. You may want to partner with local clergy to have an Ash Wednesday Ceremony. We did this last yearing during a scheduled afternoon Bible Study.

This Easter Season Web Page has information and resources for both Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. The residents will certainly appreciate a service with elements of the rich Christian Tradition in which they were raised. Consider bringing in a large wooden cross and giving out fresh palm items on Palm Sunday.

Here is the program we used this year.

We suggest using a reading from the book "The Final Week of Jesus" by Max Lucado, published by Multnomah. There are devotionals for each day of the week leading up to and including Easter, and it is available new and used from Abe Books and Amazon. Here is our favorite Palm Sunday Devotional from the book. Here is the Palm Sunday Program we used this year.

Celebrate Palm Sunday with the residents with a special sermonette and by giving them gifts made from fresh palm such as crosses or bookmarkers. Visit Annie's Palm Sunday Page for some great ideas and information.

This is an appropriate time to consider using a Christian Hymn as the basis of a short Easter Sermon. Check out our Special Web Page to help you in this regard. You may want to consider using the hymn sermonette "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross".

Here are some useful links for the Easter Season:

  1. A great Lenten Resource from The Christian Resource Institute
  2. Check out this Easter Party Video from the Bridge of Hope Foundation
  3. Here are some new Easter Poems from seasoned nursing home minister Lois Wiederhoeft of Care Center Corner:
    Salvation Group and Resurrection Group
  4. Three Resources from Tom McCormick that you can hand out:
    Good Friday Handout #1 (Trifold), Good Friday Handout #2, and Easter Card.
  5. Download these Microsoft Word files and hand out during your presentation:
    Easter Poem and Happy Easter Card
  6. Lenten Links & Resources
  7. A Holy Easter
  8. Look for an Easter Devotional from our Devotionals List
  9. Easter Resources from Peggies Place
  10. Annie's Easter Welcome Page
  11. Easter in Cyberspace, A Christian Perspective
  12. Lenten Season Meditations from Millbrook UMC
  13. Easter Graphics
  14. A Glorious Easter
  15. Downloadable Devotionals from Max Lucado's Website

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