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Are you interested in exploring your spiritual gifts? Are you looking for a chance to reach out to people in need in a caring ministry? “Faithful Friends” may be the answer. We provide an opportunity for ministry in the nursing home environment. For the past three years, we have been sharing the love of Jesus Christ at local convalescent homes. Currently, we are visiting the Renova Center (formerly called Helen Wilkes Healthcare Center) in Lake Park. On Tuesdays at 1:30 PM we conduct an informal worship service, singing traditional hymns accompanied by piano, readings God’s word in scripture, sharing experiences, and visiting one-on-one with the residents. On Thursday at 6:30 PM, we conduct a sing-a-long with the residents, utilizing contemporary, upbeat songs with guitar accompaniment. We are planning a short weekly bible study and to start visiting other homes on Sunday Afternoons. Would you consider joining us in any of these activities? The only requirement is a concern for the elderly and caring heart.


By Larry Wasserman

As we approach our fourth year in this ministry, I continue to be astounded at the faithfulness of God’s promise to bring workers to the harvest. At just the point when our prayers seem unanswered, God sends just what is needed at the time: a piano player, a guitarist, some angels to sing, some gifts for the residents. Sometimes the surprises come from the residents themselves, like 102 year old Mabel who knows the words to all the verses of the old hymns and can recite the 23rd Psalm verbatim. Praise God! Just at the point when one might get discouraged in the ministry to the elderly, another miracle is on the horizon. Like when 95 year old Robert accepted Christ as his Savior during a youth group visit at Christmas time. Even though one of the goals of “Faithful Friends” is to provide spiritual support to the residents, I can honestly say this ministry has provided me personally with much spiritual support, and the love of Christ that I have shared has returned to me many times fold. As we seek God’s direction in the ministry, we ask for your prayers and support. We hope that possibly some of you may join us on a visit and share the Hope, and Love that we see in these beautiful people.

The Chaplin’s Corner:

By Reverend Robert J. Jacobs

It has been an exciting year already. We have seen God really at work in the nursing home ministry. Just recently we had the opportunity to have "Heaven and Health News" come and visit us at Renova. It was really exciting to see how deeply moved the reporter was by her visit. Also, during this year we have had the opportunity to go out and speak at several churches about being involved in nursing home ministry. We would look forward to the privilege of making a presentation to your church or organization about an exciting, overflowing, tearful, but moving ministry involving the elderly. Jesus commanded us as believers to go out and tell others about Him. "Faithful Friends" may be an open door to that opportunity. Grace and Peace to you from God who is in you and works through you for the furtherance of His kingdom.

Faithful Friends is March "Ministry of the Month" in "Heaven and Health News Monthly"

By Kathy Barrett

On a recent Thursday evening visit to Renova Health Center in Lake Park, there were approximately eight to ten residents enjoying a lively song fest. Emily, the Faithful Friends "Poster Woman", was always on cue and knowing "where" the joy was down in her heart. Reverend Talbort, a former Baptist Minister in this area for 30 years, gave a soulful rendition of "I wish I could hear my mama pray again". As this writer scanned the group, I hoped to capture a glimpse of what Faithful Friends saw in these precious, aged and fragile beings. Some how I had never really had the heart or patience to care for the elderly... until that night. I realized that they, too, were once a vital and vibrant part of their community and of God’s family at large. As I reflect on this, I pray that when my eyes are dim with age and my stature less than steady, a "Faithful Friend" will move along side of me and recall and assure me that I have been "fearfully and wonderfully made" for yesterday, today, and eternity. (Reprinted by permission)

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