Faithful Friends
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Quick Start To A Successful
Nursing Home Ministry

  1. Pray for the Lord's guidance and direction and make sure He is calling you and that your are not being influenced by guilt or pressure from someone else.

  2. Discuss this matter with your Pastor and ask for his prayer and advice.

  3. Find a partner to pray with and to assist in the ministry. Visiting by yourself can be overwhelming.

  4. Pray about which home to start visiting. It would probably not be a good idea to visit a home where a relative resided. It is a good idea to start with just one home and to visit it weekly. In this way, you get comfortable with the surroundings and the residents remember you between visits and look forward to seeing you.

  5. Contact a staff member at the nursing home. Start with the activities director. She will welcome you with open arms since the need is overwhelming. Sometimes there is a social director or director of nursing who might be the right contact. It is a good idea to touch base with the director of the nursing home before starting. Explain that your desire to visit is the result of the outflow of love that Christ put in you, and that you will visit with all residents regardless of their religion, and that you will not be over bearing in sharing your religious beliefs with the residents.

    Visit the Activities Professionals Online Website for more background on their role at the facility and also for some great ideas!

  6. Review the dates and times available and decide on the type of program you want to start with. An informal visit with sing-a-longs, prayer, Bible and devotion readings, and one-on-one visiting are some ideas. Visit our online brochure for some additional suggestions.

  7. Watch the video "A Song for Grandmother" with your partner, Pastor, children, and anyone else who might be interested. This is an excellent resource for starting a nursing home ministry. You may also want to read the accompanying book by the same title.

  8. Read the "Letter from an 80 Dr Old Mother to her Children". This gives great insight to visiting the elderly. Review general guidelines for visiting and info on making in room visits.

  9. Utilize the Zondervan Seniors' Devotional Bible as a starting point for your visits. It contains many devotional readings especially for seniors, and has a subject index.

  10. Try to recruit some volunteers from your church, friends, neighbors, relatives, classmates, young children, even pets. They will all be welcome!!! Show the Song for Grandmother Video to help bring additional friends.

  11. Have an insert placed in your Sunday Church Bulletin. A sample insert is provided as an example.

  12. Visit our Resources Page and our References Page to obtain obtain additional resource materials and ideas for enhancing your program.


  • Always remember something told to me by a compassionate and experienced activities director- You can not mess up nursing home ministry- the need is too great and the reception is too overwhelming. Fear not, for Christ is with you.

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