Faithful Friends
Nursing Home Ministry

"A Song For Grandmother" Video

One of the most neglected home mission fields in America is ministering to the elderly. The Song For Grandmother Video is an important resource material for concerned Christians interested in nursing home ministry. The video is 30 minutes long and is very well done. Please contact us for more information on getting a copy.

Over the last 20 years, we have used this video in many ways. It has been shown during Church Services and also at mid-week gatherings, usually following a dinner. It has also been shown to small cell or care groups, with emphasis on the seniors and the youth. It has been very effective in recruiting and training volunteers. I have found it helpful to read "Letter From An 80-Year Old Woman" either before or after showing the video. Please feel free to printout that resource material and use it for hand outs. May the Lord bless your efforts in ministering to the confined elderly in nursing homes.

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Faithful Friends Nursing Home Ministry
Larry & Sandy Wasserman
Raleigh, NC