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"I received the tape you sent on the Sat. before our (Fiesta fund raiser) dinner on Monday. We had about 85 people in attendance who were really touched by the video. I think it sparked a lot of interest and we will have lots more people volunteer with our ministry. Thank you for being so generous to send us the video. God is using you to help us reach out to hundreds of people in nursing homes in Texas. You were so sweet to send it to us so quickly, so we could use it at our dinner.

The video really is wonderful. It is a marvelous tool to use in training and recruiting volunteers. I can't wait to show it at our next new volunteer workshop. Many people have never seen the nursing home environment and are a little taken back when they make their first visit. This way on the video they can see the people who are there, but in a very positive way and hear how valuable it is for them to have visitors.

Do you have Fiesta Grocery stores in Florida. Probably not, since it is a Mexican oriented store. They have this great community service for non-profit organizations. They gave us $325.00 worth of food and the recipies for the dinner, provided a master of ceremonies to play games and put everyone in a good mood and gave away food as prizes. They even had a woman come to make sure we were doing all the right things in the kitchen. Then whatever we made on the sale of tickets was pure profit. It was super! We didn't want to sell the tickets for more than $5.00/adults, $3.00/children since many of our volunteers came. We hate for them to have to donate any more of their money than they have to since they already donate so much of their time....

We put some of the stories about things that happen on our visits in our newsletter, but we also put them on our Web page if you want to check it out. Gotta go. Thanks again for all your support."

Jan Smith, Faithful Friends AAT Ministry, Houston, TX

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