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Merry Christmas

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We would like to encourage you to use this special time of year to plan some activities to comfort the residents to whom you minister. Here are some suggested activities that we have used in the past. Follow the indicated links for more information about each one.
  • Plan a special program for your visit closest to Christmas.
  • Utilize any special musical or entertainment talent that might be available to your group.
  • Sing lots of Christmas Carols both religious and secular. Handouts with the words in large print would be very helpful. For lyrics and music visit these web sites:
  • Bring a gift of some type for each resident. For example, flowers, small stuffed animals, personal hygiene items, inexpensive items from a "dollar store", socks, hankies, hand lotion, candy or baked goods if permitted, books, and magazines. You may also want to refer to Christian Concourse's Online Manual in their "Care Package Program" section.
  • Get some gift ideas from Rev. Terrance at Sharing Jesus Ministry
  • The Oriental Trading Catalog has a lot of inexpensive gift ideas. We have used the Wooly Baby Lambs, Item Number: IN-6/252, which sell for $15/dozen.
  • Prepare a sermonette about the Christmas Story from our Sermonette Page, or simply read the Biblical Account. You might use the history of a Christmas Carol or Hymn as the subject. "101 Hymn Stories" by Kenneth Osbeck would be a good reference for this purpose.
  • Look for a related devotional from our Devotionals List
  • Here are some more ideas:
  • Prepare or purchase a Christmas Greeting card for each resident. Try some of these public domain Christmas Graphics:

Visit these Top Christmas Websites:

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